Who We Are

SpaceVR is a transformative virtual experience that has the power to evolve planetary consciousness and solve global issues. We have pioneered a multi-sensory, virtual experience that takes you on voyage to the vast skies of Earth’s orbit while in a zero-gravity float tank. Our stellar team is working on launching the world’s first virtual reality camera satellite in the history of humanity. Join our mission!

We believe in exploration that empowers.

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SpaceVR was born out of the CEO & Founder Ryan Holmes’ frustration with the world. The constant short term gains we make for long term loses. The prioritization of trillions of dollars to destroy other countries when our own children are undereducated and undernourished. Frustrated by our destructive separatist view of the world especially when it is so blatantly obvious that our very survival, more than our survival, our thriving as a civilization depends on the collaborative efforts of those we are trying to kill.

Ryan sought out to do something. Something that could affect the lattice of the crystal of humanity. Something that if changed could domino out and change everything else.

He came across a beautiful documentary, Overview, detailing astronauts accounts of a profoundly transformative experience called The Overview Effect.

The Overview Effect is so profound that it repeatedly makes astronauts cry. Some describe it as seeing and feeling the love of God.

Anousheh Ansari, an Iranian-American engineer and space tourist recalled ”The actual experience exceeds all expectations and is something that’s hard to put to words.”

Defined specifically by SpaceVR advisor and author of the book “The Overview Effect”, Frank White, as a cognitive shift in awareness linked to the experience of seeing firsthand the reality that the Earth is in space.

After finding The Overview Effect, Ryan set out to make it real and founded Space Virtual Reality Corporation in January 2015 to bring the Overview Effect to world using the best virtual reality and satellite technology in the world.

Our Founder

– Ryan Holmes

Ryan Holmes is the Founder and CEO of SpaceVR. He is a Serial Entrepreneur and Serial Kickstarter. Self taught Designer, Software Engineer, and Founder. He founded several companies including Sphr, a software and design agency; and Tampa Hackerspace, a means for people to self-learn without college. He studied Electrical Engineering at the University of South Florida.

Twitter: @RyanTHolmes
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rtholmes
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ryan-holmes-spacevr

Previous speaking engagements:

Silicon Valley Virtual Reality 2016

NewSpace 2015

Meet Our Advisors & Partners

We are working with an amazing team of advisors and partners, including astronauts, NASA scientists and space engineers!

Richard Garriott, Private Astronaut
Joanna Wei, CoFounder of Beijing Makerspace
Jeffrey Manber, Managing Director of NanoRacks
Sean Casey, PHD, MBA, ExNASA Scientist
Frank White, Author, Space Researcher, and Founder of “The Overview Effect”
Mike Smithwick, Founder of Distant Suns