March 2019 Update

Hello fellow Universe travelers and SpaceVR supporters!

As always, we are deeply grateful for your contribution to making our collective vision a reality!

We have some truly supernova rockstar milestones to tell you about.

Most importantly and most profoundly, we have successfully demonstrated a clear path to evolving the consciousness of humanity. This path has the potential to lead directly to a massive reprioritization of immense resources towards protecting and nourishing the Earth when experienced by the right people.

We have successfully created a way for people to experience the Overview Effect. The Overview Effect, for those unfamiliar is a deeply profound and transformative experience, is the profound change that astronauts experience in space consciously. When they internalize the nearly infinite nature of the Universe, astronauts have experienced an enlightened joy that we are the Universe experiencing itself. Previously, experiencing the Overview Effect this way was only possible if you paid $30 million dollars to go to space.

We have started holding private sessions of the Overview Effect Experience in Los Angeles, California. So far 20 people have experienced it. Out of the 20, 3 have started crying and 2 have independently, without knowledge of each other, raised their hands above their body and started blessing the Earth.

Our current Overview Effect Experience consist of people orbiting over the Earth in virtual reality using ultra high resolution imagery from low earth orbit, while laying on a VIBE 3.1 Sound Bed from Biharmonic Technologies that allows for music to be transmitted throughout your entire body (imagine standing next to a speaker during a concert but with more precision of the vibration) in combination with another layer of music that goes through headphones for auditory experiences.

Watch here to see what a few people have said right after their Overview Effect Experience:

The next incredibly important milestone that we’ve successfully reached is product market fit. People are open and happy to pay $88 for a 30 minute Overview Effect. Now that we’ve hit product market fit, we are looking for ways to deliver the Overview Effect to the world and make revenue through scalable recurring opportunities.

We see these opportunities in the form of partnering with the following: Sensory Deprivation Tank (Float Tank) Facilities, Retreat Centers, Massage Parlors, Acupuncturists, Sound Bed Facilities, Transformational Retreats, Festivals, Yoga Studios, Sound Healing Studios and even Nail Salons.


If you know anyone that owns any of the following and introduce us and they become a partner, I’m open to giving you 5% of the revenue made in that partnership as long as they remain a partner. This could be anywhere from $3,400 to $500 per month depending on the traffic. So say... if you want financial freedom for the rest of your life... this is a way to do that.

Angel investors now!

We are now in the process of doing a series of SpaceVR Pop Ups in Los Angeles. My intention is to demonstrate and test the potential for each of the above listed facilities and have these be recurring activities that we can scale globally and do each monthly at minimum.

First SpaceVR Overview PopUp

As of yesterday, we are partnered with a sound healing studio in Santa Monica Be Crystal Clear that we are gearing up to do 10 deeply immersive space sound healings this April 5th, 6th 2019. The event is called Vibrate to Space. We will be combining the raw beauty of orbiting the earth in virtual reality with the extremely powerful and ancient practice of crystal bowl and gong sound healing. Following this, there will be an acupuncture integration to allow for the experience to integrate into your body.

Time to Scale!

Once successful, this will prove a scalable experience that can be scaled to every major city in the world. Send us a message if you would like to attend the event in Santa Monica and we will reserve you spot! Limited spots. So message us now if you want to make it happen! Tickets are $88. The experience is one hour. Everything is included.

The SpaceVR Team

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on our team. So here is the list of current team members and a little bit about them.

There’s me - Ryan Holmes - CEO, Founder - Serial Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Designer. Founder of several start-ups including Sphr, UpValet, E5 Engineering.

Priya Samra- Operations & Fundraising - Experience as 40th employee of Coinbase. Previously led venture capital group and supported many space organizations.

Fred Dahl - Strategy & Corporate Accountant - 10+ years of finance experience. Founder of Cedenheim Publishing & Proxima Intelligence.

Carissa Seidl - Head of Marketing - 16 years of doing marketing research and deploying marketing campaigns.

Sharif Rana - Executive Assistant & SpaceVR Malaysia - Ph.D. researcher and Lecturer with an MBA with years of project management experience.

Exciting new Partnerships!

We have recently partnered with ANA, All Nippon Airways, the largest airline in Japan and ranked the 3rd best airline in the world. We are one on of the main partners in their Avatar X Project which is an intention to build an experimental Moon City in Oita, Japan. Oita is known as the hot springs capital of Japan. They are partnered with JAXA, the Japanese equivalent of NASA, to make this a world class research facility for telepresence robotics.

I had the opportunity to tour the land in Oita with the leaders of the Avatar X program. It’s a beautiful piece of land and the structures they have rendering out in with OA Architecture firm in New York are literally the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen in my life.

Check them out:

Avatar X 2.jpg
Avatar X 3.jpg
Avatar X 4.jpg
Avatar X 1.jpg

Truly amazing. I am deeply honored and grateful to be a part of such an incredible project. You can read all the other details here:

Current Active SpaceVR Partners

ANA - We are partnered with ANA (All Nippon Airways), the largest airline in Japan, to support with bringing . I can’t talk about 88% of what we’re doing, but know that it’s going to be super dope.

NanoRacks - Henry Martin and team are set to launch our satellite to low earth orbit.

Pumpkin - Andrew Kalman - Satellite Manufacturing Partner - PHD Electrical Engineering. Veteran satellite developer. Successfully built and launched 13 satellites. Previous space systems teacher at Stanford.

LovePixel - full design and marketing agency that focuses on positive social impact has joined to bring our message to life.

Our Experiments with Sensory Deprivations Tanks - Mention existing partners

SpaceVikings Song

Status of Overview 1

Felix & Paul - Sundance - 200 hours of Astronaut time -
Artisia Partnership

Yoga VR Partnership opportunity

Enterprise Data Opportunity




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