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Float at nearest partnered Float Spa in zero gravity with high resolution virtual reality Earth orbit

Soak in the Sublime of Space

Connect With the Cosmos

SpaceVR’s specially designed VR headsets allow you to take a planetary journey of low Earth orbit while you float weightlessly in a zero-gravity environment. Feel the freedom of floating in space. Your virtual voyage awaits. Are you ready to launch?

Virtual Reality & The Overview Effect

SpaceVR is a transformative virtual experience that has the power to evolve planetary consciousness and solve global issues. We have pioneered a multi-sensory, virtual experience that takes you on voyage to the vast skies of Earth’s orbit while in a zero-gravity float tank. We believe in exploration that empowers.

Frank White, author & space researcher, defined The Overview Effect as, “a cognitive shift in awareness” linked to “the experience of seeing firsthand the reality that the Earth is in space. My hypothesis was that being in space, you would see and know something experientially that we have been trying to understand intellectually for thousands of years, that is, that the Earth is a whole system, everything on it is connected, and we’re a part of it.” White outlined the 3 main components as: “feeling of awe for the planet, a profound understanding of interconnectedness of all life and a renewed sense of responsibility for care of the environment”

It’s your time to explore. What will you discover?